Terms and Conditions

General Conditions



  • The minimum age of the driver is 25 years.
  • The driver must be the holder of a driving license approved in Spain and valid for a minimum of one year.
  • Drivers over 25 years of age and under 75 years of age with a driving license between 1 and 4 years must take out additional insurance of €4 per day (minimum €12 and maximum €48 per contract) and will have vehicles of all categories at your disposal.
  • Drivers over 75 years of age must take out an additional insurance of €4 per day (minimum €12 and maximum €48 per contract).


  • Driving license.
  • Bank card in your name. The accepted means of payment are Visa or MasterCard credit card.
  • Valid ID or passport.

In the case of people who do not arrive by flight, train or any other means that can demonstrate the tourist purpose, we need proof that confirms your current residence address in Malaga, such as a rental agreement, receipt of the electricity, gas or water less than 2 months old. You must also indicate the full address of the place where you will go with the rental vehicle.

If you do not bring any of these documents that can prove your residence, we will not be able to deliver the vehicle.


  • 24 hour airport service.
  • VAT, fees and local taxes.
  • Margin of courtesy of two hours in the return of the vehicle.
  • Direct Return Service: we do not charge you for fuel, just return it with the same gasoline that you rented it with.
  • Additional driver: The first additional driver will be included.
  • Travel insurance: Vehicles can only be driven in the Iberian Peninsula, including Gibraltar and Portugal, and must be returned to our office in Fuengirola or Airport from Malaga.
  • Total damage insurance with excess: The insurance will cover damage to wheels, glass, clutch, battery and towing service.
  • The franchise: is the amount for which the client is responsible in case of damage caused to the vehicle, which is the responsibility or negligence of the driver: These damages are: any type of scratches on the bodywork, buns, damage to the underbody, rear-view mirrors, glass or windows, wheels, hubcaps, clutches due to misuse, management of traffic fines (€30), lost or broken keys, error in refueling and associated costs.
  • The excess of €300 will be for vehicles from group A to F and €900 for vehicles from group G to J.


  • Out of hours: You have the possibility of picking up your vehicle 24 hours a day; although those vehicles that are withdrawn between 11:00 p.m. and 07:00 a.m. will pay for this delivery service outside office hours the amount of €40 per vehicle delivered. Only after-hours reservations will be handled, that is, between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. at our Malaga Airport office, it being essential to provide the flight number.
  • Additional driver: You have the possibility to add additional drivers who will also be covered by the insurance; although a supplement of 6 euros per day will be paid for each driver up to a maximum of 3 additional drivers per contract (minimum 12 euros and maximum 72 euros for each one). All Clients and/or authorized drivers will be jointly and severally responsible for all the Clients obligations arising from the Contract and the laws applicable to it.
  • Baby/child seats and booster seats: 2.25 euros per day for each chair delivered and by contract (minimum 13.5 euros and maximum 54 euros for each a). Their installation will always be the clients responsibility.

In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, it is mandatory that the client fill out an accident/damage report and deliver it to our office. Likewise, in case of theft of the vehicle, the client is obliged to report it to the Police and deliver the report to our office, as well as return the vehicle key.

For each processing of an accident or damage report that RENT A CAR RÍOS has to carry out, an additional €50 (VAT included) will be charged for managing the processing of the accident. If the insurance determines that the incident was not the Customers responsibility, the €50 (VAT included) will be refunded.

RENT A CAR RÍOS reserves the right to modify any of the above points if it considers it necessary to guarantee the safety of the vehicle.


The rental of a car is not necessarily linked to a specific vehicle but to a group of similar vehicles, as far as technical and habitability characteristics are concerned.

The Client acknowledges that he receives the vehicle described in the Contract, clean and in the conditions of conservation and operation, damages, state of the fuel tank and auxiliary equipment specified, which if no reference is made will be considered fit for use.< /p>


The duration of the rental contract will be the one that appears on the front of it, specifying the date and time of delivery and return of the vehicle.

Rental day refers to a period of 24 hours from the start time of the rental, counting in the return with a courtesy period of 120 minutes.

The maximum duration of the Rental Agreement will be 89 days.

If the Client decides to end the rental before the date indicated in the Contract, no refund will be made for the early return.

Likewise, in the event that RENT A CAR RÍOS was the one that unilaterally terminated the rental prior to the date indicated in the contract for reasons not attributable to the lessee and formally required the delivery of the vehicle and so it occurs; The client will have the right to receive from RENT A CAR RÍOS double the amounts paid corresponding to the days not enjoyed using the vehicle as compensation.


The Client undertakes to keep the vehicle in good condition and in particular, without prejudice to the obligations that may appear in other clauses of this Contract, to:

  • Use and drive the vehicle diligently, respecting the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety and other applicable provisions. Any negligence for not respecting the rules will imply that the insurance coverage that you have contracted in terms of damage to the leased vehicle will not apply.
  • Without limiting the general provisions of the preceding paragraph, you undertake not to drive the vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, stimulants or similar substances or in states of decreased driving ability, such as fatigue or illness, nor allow anyone in such circumstances to drive the vehicle.
  • Do not use the vehicle for illegal purposes.
  • Not allow the driving of the vehicle by anyone other than the Client himself or the additional drivers specified on the front of the Contract.
  • Do not carry more passengers than those specified by the vehicle manufacturer or permitted by law, nor transport animals.
  • Do not use the vehicle to move, push or tow other vehicles, trailers or objects.
  • Do not drive on roads or other places that, due to their poor condition, could cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Do not participate with the vehicle in competitions, contests, training or resistance tests of materials, accessories or products for automobiles.
  • Do not use in the vehicle gasoline or fuel of quality or characteristics other than those that correspond in accordance with what is indicated by the manufacturer of each type of vehicle.
  • Have the vehicle properly parked and locked when not in use.
  • Do not use the vehicle to load or transport goods of any kind, nor to mount a roof rack on the roof without authorization.
  • Do not tamper with the vehicles odometer in any way.
  • Do not use the vehicle for public passenger transport, or to give driving courses, or for courier or merchandise delivery services, or use it for commercial or industrial activities, or any type of activity that involves subleasing the vehicle.
  • Do not move the vehicle outside the Iberian Peninsula (also excluding Gibraltar and Portugal) unless prior written authorization has been obtained from RENT A CAR RÍOS
  • The Client must be in possession of a valid and approved driving license in Spain and with a minimum age of 1 year, being the Client directly responsible for these facts, keeping RENT A CAR RÍOS harmless under any circumstances.

Improper use of the vehicle will make the Client directly responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or to third parties.

Any case that fails to comply with the provisions of this Contract will be understood as improper use in which case the Client will be liable for all damages caused to the vehicle as well as other damages caused to RENT A CAR RÍOS.


The return of the vehicle must take place at the branch, date and time stipulated in the Rental Agreement. The vehicle will be returned by the Client in the same conditions in which it was delivered, together with all its documents, auxiliary equipment, tires, tools and accessories.

The Client may not alter any technical characteristics of the vehicle, keys, equipment, tools and/or accessories thereof, nor make any modification to its exterior and/or interior appearance. If it does so, the Client must bear all the necessary expenses to return the car to its original state, without prejudice to the damages caused to RENT A CAR RÍOS derived from the reconditioning for the time that the vehicle had to be immobilized, as well as any others caused to RENT A CAR RÍOS.

Return/late delivery of the vehicle: If the customer returns the vehicle on a date, time or place other than that indicated in the contract, the will charge an extra days rental at the current daily rate for each day or portion of a day that the vehicle is late. A grace period of 120 minutes is granted for the delivery of the vehicle from the scheduled time. Likewise, a penalty is established as compensation of €35 for each day of delay.

If the Client returns or abandons the vehicle in a place other than that indicated in the Contract, RENT A CAR RÍOS may also demand the costs caused by transfers, tow trucks, tolls, guard and custody.

In the event that RENT A CAR RÍOS delays the delivery of the vehicle for more than 120 minutes from the signing of the rental contract, the client will be compensated for an extra day at the current daily rate for each day or portion of a day of late delivery of the vehicle. Likewise, a penalty is established as compensation of €35 for each day of delay.


If the Client wishes to extend the rental, they may do so by going to any of the RENT A CAR RÍOS offices in order to sign the extension of its duration and proceed with the corresponding payments. Said extension will be subject to the availability of vehicles. It will not be possible to extend any contract by phone, email or text message.

The unilateral extension by the Client will be considered as an unauthorized use of the vehicle for the purposes of the Clients responsibility for any damage that the vehicle presents, also taking the same consideration as the non-return of the vehicle within the agreed term.


The purpose of the vehicle return system is to verify that it is returned as initially agreed. For this, technicians from the leasing company (RENT A CAR RÍOS) will carry out a management control in which two factors will be verified essentially: the state of the car in relation to possible damages that it may have suffered during the rental period, the fuel level and mileage.

A. Vehicle status

The vehicle must be returned by the client in the same state of conservation in which it was delivered. Our staff will inspect the condition of the vehicle and note any new damage. You will be required to sign a damage inspection as proof of acceptance.

In the event that the vehicle is not returned in the same state of conservation, the Client must also pay compensation for stopping the vehicle as a result of the damage suffered; we refer to the section "return of the vehicle".

B. Fuel

The vehicle will be delivered with the fuel tank as it was initially delivered.

In case of not returning the vehicle with the same deposit that was delivered, the client must pay the missing fuel, in addition to €35 for penalties and management expenses necessary for refueling.

C. Mileage

If you plan to do a lot of miles, please note that you will need to go back to the local office and change the car before you do 2000km. If you do not return the car before the 2000km limit, a penalty of 2eur per kilometer will be applied.


  • The accepted means of payment are Visa or MasterCard credit card.
  • No Maestro or Electron debit cards will be accepted.
  • Payment with Diners Club, American Express, or Postepay will not be accepted
  • No prepaid cards or virtual cards will be accepted
  • Payment will be accepted in cash, via smartphone or transfer in the latter case, previously paid before the vehicle is collected.
  • The holder of the bank card with which the rental payment is made must be the holder of the contract and the latter must be present at the time of collection.
  • Only one bank card can be used per contract and it must be registered.
  • The card holder, who will be the same as the contract holder, will be responsible for the payment of any extra caused by the additional drivers of the contract.
  • The payer will be responsible for knowing the PIN of his bank card if he pays with a card that includes this technology.
  • The payer must ensure that their bank card has sufficient funds at the time of vehicle collection to be able to collect the rental with all the contracted options and, in addition, if applicable, block the amount of the corresponding pre-authorization to the group of the rented vehicle.
  • In the case of special and high-end vehicles, two credit cards will be requested as a guarantee of the rental.

At the time of collecting the vehicle and paying the rental, RENT A CAR RÍOS will collect the rental charges to be paid at the counter on the bank card of the contract holder.

It will be paid by the client and therefore charged by RENT A CAR RÍOS:

  • Fines: The Customer is responsible for paying fines for driving, illegal parking or other offenses incurred during the rental period of the vehicle and during the time that he has had it in his possession until its effective delivery. RENT A CAR RÍOS will charge the amount of €30 (VAT included) for management and processing costs, since it is obliged to communicate the Clients data to the relevant authorities as well as the rental contract data within the established legal term. This rate does not include the payment of the fine.
  • Loss of keys: the replacement of the key is NOT included in the insurance, and shipping will be paid by the customer. The costs will be from €30.
  • Special cleaning of the vehicle: The rental price includes a standard cleaning of the vehicle. However, in the event that the vehicle requires special cleaning due to delivery in an inadequate state of the vehicle, RENT A CAR RÍOS will be forced to charge an amount of up to €100.
  • The amount or difference in the value of any spare wheel, tires, tools, accessories, documentation, keys or radio equipment that is missing from the vehicle at the end of the rental or has been replaced by another, expressly clarifying that said faults or substitutions They are not covered by any insurance policy, being the Customer responsible for them.
  • The costs of repairing damage to the vehicle in the event of an accident, when:
    • The vehicle would not have been used based on the established conditions.
    • The accident report had not been completed and sent to RENT A CAR RÍOS within the stipulated period, or it does not conform to the reality of the events that occurred.
    • That the corresponding extra insurance had not been contracted.


The Client and any authorized driver participate as insured in an Automobile Insurance Policy, a copy of which is available at the RENT A CAR RÍOS office where the vehicle rental is contracted. This policy includes Civil Liability for damages to third parties derived from the use and circulation of the vehicle.

Damages to the vehicle in the event of a collision, theft, fortuitous fire or acts of vandalism will also be covered as long as the following conditions are met:

  • That the Client notifies RENT A CAR RÍOS of the incident within a maximum period of twenty-four hours, providing the necessary documentation such as: accident report duly completed and signed by both parties, information on possible witnesses, complaint to the authorities, etc.
  • That the insurance company does not reject the claim on the grounds that the driver did not meet the physical and mental conditions required by the Highway Code.
  • That the incident did not take place during the course of misuse of the vehicle.

The insurance will cover damage to wheels, windows, clutch, battery, towing service. These coverages and guarantees will only be valid if the Client complies with the conditions established above for damage to the vehicle.

The Client undertakes to immediately inform RENT A CAR RÍOS of any accident that occurs or damage caused to the rented vehicle and to immediately transmit any letters, summonses or notifications that refer to said accident and to provide full collaboration to RENT A CAR RÍOS and the insurance company in the investigation and defense of any claim and process. The presentation, with a maximum grace period from the event of 24 hours, of the accident or damage report duly prepared by the Client will be mandatory. In particular, in the event of an accident, the Client will take the following measures:

  • Obtain complete data on the people who may have been involved in the accident, as well as possible witnesses, sketches of the accident, as well as data on the opposing vehicle (registration, model, insurer, policy number whenever possible, etc.) .
  • Transmit the data referred to in the previous paragraph and the other details of the accident to the Landlord as soon as possible.
  • Immediately notify the authorities if the guilt of the other party should be investigated or in the case of injuries.
  • Do not leave the vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect and safeguard it.

In case of fire, vandalism, theft or disappearance of the vehicle, the Client agrees to immediately notify RENT A CAR RÍOS of the fact, and file the corresponding complaint with the police.


The Client must notify RENT A CAR RÍOS of the need to use an approved mandatory restraint device for children under three years of age or older who do not exceed a height of 150 centimeters, upon payment of the corresponding rental fee, and without anchoring in the vehicle. The Client is in any case responsible for the installation of the device. In any case, RENT A CAR RÍOS will be released from all possible liability derived from personal or material damages that occur as a result of the Customers breach of the obligation to use the mandatory retention device, or its installation, or incorrect use by the Customer. Customer and any possible manufacturing defect of the aforementioned device.


RENT A CAR RÍOS reserves the right to cancel the reservation before the delivery of the vehicle and/or to terminate the Contract in advance, with immediate effect and without any compensation to the client.


RENT A CAR RÍOS is not responsible for stolen, forgotten or lost objects inside the vehicle.


This contract will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. RENT A CAR RÍOS declares its intention to resolve any difference amicably. If this is not possible, any discrepancy that arises between RENT A CAR RÍOS and the Client will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the place where the rental began.

The Client may present any complaint or claim at the following address: Calle Teresa Zabell 3 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga).


The translations of these general conditions are merely informative and do not have a binding legal character in all the detail of their wording, only their version in Spanish being valid.



  • Purpose: the geolocation system will be processed by RENT A CAR RÍOS, it will be activated exclusively in the event that there is a declaration of theft or suspicion of theft of the vehicle, as well as in the event that the client has any incident on the road that requires our assistance, in those cases in which it is necessary to locate the place of the vehicle and provide customer service.
  • Minimization: the geolocation system will only be activated in the cases mentioned above and in no case will it be used continuously for monitoring or tracking purposes.< /li>
  • Basis that legitimizes the treatment: The basis that legitimizes the treatment in relation to the use of the geolocation system in cases of declaration or suspicion of theft, is the legitimate interest of RENT CAR RÍOS in guaranteeing the safety of its fleet of vehicles. RENT A CAR RÍOS has carried out a prior consideration in order to ensure that this treatment is proportionate, so that it is not harmful to the rights and freedoms of the interested parties. To achieve this objective, measures have been implemented to guarantee that the system is only activated in justified cases, that access to this information is only allowed to personnel strictly authorized to manage the geolocation system, and that security measures have been applied. appropriate, based on the provisions of article 32 of the GDPR. The basis that legitimizes the treatment in cases of activation of the system for the provision of the roadside assistance service, is the execution of the contractual relationship.
  • Transfers to third parties: No transfers of data to third parties are foreseen, unless required by law.
  • Retention period: the information from the geolocation system will be deleted once the vehicle rental service has finished, unless the data must be made available from the competent authorities, in cases of theft of the vehicle.